How to mute video online
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How to mute video online

How to mute video online

There are many reasons that could motivate you to reach the decision of making your video voiceless.

These reasons might include trying to turn your video into a short voiceless clip, a gif, or might want to remove the video sound and insert a new one.

How to mute video online

However, considering the fact that there are different operating systems and phone versions, and one video muting app might not be compatible for your phone or personal computer, we have provide an alternative solution to help you mute video online.

In this guide, we will be offering you easy steps on how to mute video online.

How to mute audio on a video online

Most videos come with a sound track. Muting audio on a video online is not actually a difficult task if you follow the procedures we are offering.

To mute videos online, you will need to make use of audio remover web-based apps. These platforms will help you mute part of the video or remove the entirety of the background sound of the video.
Some of these apps are not for free, while some usually attach watermarks to uploaded videos. However, you can still learn how to mute video online for free and without watermark.

Ten best apps to mute video online free

These web-based apps or platforms will help you mute your videos online for free. This includes removing background sound and making the video entirely voiceless.

These online apps are designed to support different video formats; MP4, MPG, VOB, AVI, WMV, and MOV.
All you have to do is to upload, and have the silence your video at no cost.

  • MP4Compress
  • Audioremover
  • Ezgif
  • Clideo
  • Kapwing
  • Fastreel
  • Apowersoft
  • Lumen5
  • Pixiko

Some of these tools will require that you register or sign in to gain access to their products. Nevertheless, their services are free, you can take out time to practice with each app on how to remove sounds from video. Android devices are not restricted from using any of these utilities, neither are iOs devices.

How do you make a video have no sound?

Follow these few steps, to make a video have no sound.

  • Choose any of the sound remover apps; There are numerous sound removeer apps as mentioned earlier. Pick any of them that meets your needs.
  • Upload your video
  • Select the video you wish to remove sound from, and upload it.
  • Click Proceed; Each of these apps has an option to begin the process of removing sound from your videos.
  • Wait; It always requires some time to mute your video online. This time frame might just be few minutes or even seconds. It doesn’t take too long, so you have nothing to worry about.
  • Save and Download; Whichever app that you may be using to mute your video online, ensure that you save or download the video after the process is completed.

Mute your videos online without watermark

Learning how to mute videos online without watermark and for free depends on which app that you are using to run the process.

Five apps that mute your videos online without watermark. Here are four apps that will help you mute your videos online without watermark

  • Clideo
  • Rocketium
  • Wofox

These apps grant you access to a wide range of video editing tools that goes beyond just muting your videos.

Unlike the rest of the apps, places a limit of free users for 100MB video upload per mute. This indicates that you can only mute a video of not more than 100MB with
However, these apps offer you free video muting without watermarks.


Learning how to mute videos online can be transformed into a creative art of video editing.

The tools we have provided ensure that mute your videos online without the need of any third-party software. The process is seamless, and easy to understand.

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