Quick Hacks for Windows
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Quick Hacks for Windows

Whether you are using a Windows 7, 8, or 10 operating system, you must become conversant with some of these quick hacks for Windows.

Windows is an amazing operating system with lots of free features to boost functionality. But as a user, understanding Windows tips, tricks, hacks, or tweaks will achieve an all-around personal usage with your computer.

Quick Hacks for Windows

Ranging from saving battery on your Windows 10 device to switching tabs, the use of shortcuts is necessary for swift usage, and there are a lot of features provided by Microsoft that will remain hidden to you until you understand how to go about it.

We have compiled a list of some quick hacks for Windows that will ease performance, customization and achieve more from doing less.

How to screenshot on Windows

Few tips will help you take screenshots using your Windows 10, or Windows 8 computer.

· Windows+prtsc

Combining the windows key and the print screen key will help you take screenshots of the background that you are working on.

To achieve this, you have to hold down the windows key while you tap the print screen key. To carry out this operation, you must first hold on to the windows key before pressing the print screen key to achieving this result.

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This quick hack will screenshot all programs including your computer’s desktop menu.

All pictures saved with this hack can access in your file explorer>Pictures>Screenshots.

· Windows+G

This key combination is known as the game key.

Pressing the Windows key followed by the G key on your keyboard will open up the game key of your computer. This key is supported by the Xbox console companion.

In this scenario, the tool sees the background you wish to screenshot as a gaming interface and you wish to record your gaming experience, skills, or stunts.

The windows+G combination opens you to diverse options such as screenshots and screen recording.

You can video record the happenings on your screen using this feature.

Videos or pictures captured using the Windows+G hack will be saved in your Xbox app or the Xbox console companion and you will need to sign in to access it.

How to find my windows product key

Sometimes, you could purchase a new computer from a friend only to discover that you didn’t ask them for the product key.

No matter how we try to avoid it some Microsoft features, apps and software might need your product key as a license to grant you access to use them.

Originally, you can change or update your product key by going to the setting options on your computer>Updates and Security>Activation>Change product key.
But what if you don’t know the product key?

On numerous accounts, Windows 10 and Windows 8 users are denied access from using certain Microsoft utilities because of their inability to provide a product key.

These keys will also be needed if you wish to activate your windows.

Note: Product Keys are different from product IDs.

To get your Windows product key for your computer, press Windows+X on your desktop menu.

You will find a list of options, select Command prompt, and insert this: wmic path SoftwareLicensingService get OA3xOriginalProductKey

Press Enter and your product key will be revealed.

The Windows+X option grants you access to 16 tools that will help you customize your PC to your taste.

How to backup files on windows 10

There is no assurance that your PC won’t crash someday. To avoid the pains that come from losing files, you must always back up your files.

To backup your files on Windows 10, you can choose any of these methods

· External Drives

Scroll to your settings> Update and Security> Backup>Add a drive.

Your files will be back up to the external drive that you attached to your PC.

· Onedrive

Onedrive provides Windows users with 5GB cloud storage which can be upgraded to 1TB.

To backup your files to onedrive, you need to visit onedrive.com and upload your files or you can download the onedrive app and upload your files on the go.

This Microsoft integration helps you edit, and share your files from an external e-source.

For maximum security, files that are backed up to onedrive are secured with Ransomeware Detection, Recovery, and personal vault to offer users maximum security and privacy.

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