Top Seven Technology Trends for 2021

Top Seven Technology Trends for 2021

-Technology Trends for 2021

Every New Year comes with new opportunities, and expectations, technology has not been left out in the wake of innovation.

Technology keeps hitting a phenomenal wave of change that keeps individuals expectant on the new wave of innovation. Consumers came with high hopes of remote models, software, and artificial intelligence.

Top Seven Technology Trends for 2021

The acceleration of technology sporadically expands to bringing to reality all that we see in science fiction movies.

With numerous gaps in human existence and interaction with his habitat, the loud calls for solutions to arising issues and problems, the call for top technologies cannot be neglected.

We will be guiding you through new technology coming out in 2021.  These top strategic technology trends for 2021 will cover future software technology 2021, 2021 tech gadgets and innovations that we should be expecting as the year rolls out.

What New Technology Is Coming Out In 2021?

There will be significant innovations and new technology trends that will be rolling out in 2021. These new technology trends for 2021 should impact major fields and professional careers, offering solutions to improve man’s lifestyle.

Some of the new technologies that we expect to be coming out in 2021 include;

  • Space Technology
  • Artificial Technology and Machine Learning
  • Robotics
  • Blockchain technology
  • Cyber Security
  • 5G Advancement
  • Telehealth

Top seven strategic Technology Trends for 2021

· Space Technology

Space technology has never been an industry void of innovations, but each year always keeps individuals asking the same question; “What is NASA’s next big project?” Recurring questions that are not answered makes it a wise option to try to understand what will happen in space in 2021.

2021 will see competitions from private space tech firms like SpaceX, Blueorigin, Isro, Boeing, Ula, and the glorified NASA.
These competitions might become fierce but they will only open up humanity to countless opportunities and a realization that there is life outside earth and the possibility to survive outside earth.

· Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has always been a loud bang in the tech industry, raising much dust for hope, so it is not surprising to have it on the list of technology trends for 2021.

In 2021, the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning will grow beyond its application in phone development, app and software development, but will grow large to become effective in the healthcare, military, and engineering fields.

AI and Machine learning will receive massive advancements that could launch the world into embracing full work automation and trying to build harmony between human and machine simulation.

This embrace of AI and machine learning as a future software technology could lead to the loss of jobs between the year ranges of 2021 and 2025.

However, with the introduction of Future software technology, 2021 will be a year of more machine testing, programming, and tech maintenance.
The growth of AI could spread further into Edge computing. This will provide more innovations for “on the edge” computing.

· Robotics

Robots and bots have been largely limited to machines that cannot function without the encoding and control of a human being.

2021 tech gadgets will be developed to meet the massive advancements that the average robots. Perfections in robotic process automation (RPA) will perfect the development of AI-enhanced robots.

These robots can go as far as understanding human emotions, feelings, reading our facial expressions, and trying to decipher our thoughts.

· Blockchain technology

The financial sector will not be left out with new technology. 2021 will awaken the consciousness of a lot of people on crypto trading and creating more sensitizations on the blockchain technology.

There are possibilities that the use of blockchain technology will become a major security network for encrypted networks.

Many industries will likely incorporate the use of blockchain technology in providing maximum security.

· Cyber Security

With constant news of hacks and penetrations, cybersecurity will always maintain its stand as a demanding factor in society.

Hackers have become advanced to make use of advanced tools and utilities to crack codes and spy on your privacy.  The fear of having your details in the hands of a stranger will always make cybersecurity a trend through 2021 and other years.

· 5G Advancement

The arrival of 5G technology brought in a lot of doubts and worries. But as its usage has been widely spread, human beings are growing to accept it.
2021 will see massive production of phones that are 5G powered.

2021 tech gadgets will be 5G enhanced to provide faster internet connectivity and access.

· Telehealth

Telehealth involves the use of tech and electronic information in medical practice and health care.

The use of Telehealth opened up a faster stream of reaching out to a larger amount of patients.

2021 may include the use of virtual platforms and econsults.

What technology should I learn in 2021?

There are numerous technology trends that you might get familiar with in 2021, but choosing which of them that you will wish to learn in 2021 should be a product of total analysis.

Three major technologies that you should learn in 2021 include;

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Science and Data Analytics
  • Cyber Security

Which technology will dominate in 2022?

Just as 2021 is rolling on with speed, a peek into 2022 wouldn’t be a bad idea. Being able to project which technologies will dominate in 2022 will help you create channels and position yourself for opportunities in that lane.

The technologies that will dominate 2022 will include;

  • Space Technology
  • Cyber Security
  • Artificial Intelligence

Which technology is best in the future?

It wouldn’t be easy to come to a conclusion on which technologies and technology trend will be considered the best in the future.

However, some of the technology that we think will be the best are;

  • Space Technology
  • Artificial Technology and Machine Learning
  • Robotics
  •  Blockchain technology
  • Cyber Security
  • 5G Advancement
  •  Telehealth


It will be a guess to believe that technology will contribute to massive success in 2021, but it will be awesome if you have a clue into what to expect, areas to harness and make plans on how to go about it.

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